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We all have heard time and time again of the changes a woman goes through when she is pregnant. But what about the man? Doesn't his life change too?

Pregmancy is an honest and humorous memoir looking at the changes author Christian Piatt goes through with his family after the announcement of the unplanned pregnancy of his second child. Containing stories and unscripted (and surprising) quotes from his young son as they await the birth of his baby sister, Pregmancy will take you on the wild ride of parenthood and show that it is not always easier the second time around.

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As a father of two sons, I can relate to the anecdotes, the stories, the worries, and the mishaps that added so much to this book. However, in between the humorous tales that kept me in stitches, I appreciated how insightful Mr. Piatt was in analyzing why men act the way they do, why they say things the way they do, and why they feel the way they while their wives are pregnant. What a wonderful read all around!
Aaron Tate
This is a book that reaches across all lines and faiths right into the good stuff of life that knows no denominatons. It’s an honest look at relationships, sex, parenting, parents, faith… life… just a wonderful book about the realities of being married and having children.
Dean Krakel
The book is a riotously funny, masculine, realistic look at what it means to be an expectant father…
Clint Walker