Banned Questions About Christians
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Banned Questions About Christians

This latest book in the insightful and entertaining Banned Questions series addresses 50 questions about Christians that many of us have wondered regarding hell, sprinkle vs. dunk baptism, gay and lesbian issues in ministry, the inconsistencies of communion, the multitude of denominations, God’s allowance of suffering in the world, and more.

This is a great addition to your Banned Questions library as you (or your study group) ponder the questions many have wanted to ask and few were brave enough to answer.

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Contributors include:

Bart Campolo
Brian Ammons
Carol Howard Merritt
Christian Piatt
Doug Pagitt
Hugh Hollowell
Jonathan E.L. Brooks
Margot Starbuck
Matthew Paul Turner
Phil Jackson
Phil Shepherd
Phil Snider
Sean Gladding
Two Friars and a Fool