First of all, yes, I’m still here! Sorry for the silence. No, I have not wasted away during my “Jesus the Ascetic” fast (though I have lost 13 pounds) and I wasn’t carted away to federal prison for the money-burning worship service I led in the Portland Park Blocks as my final Christian Anarchist act as part of my “Jesus the Radical” month (Photos and video of that coming soon too).

But to make it up to you for being so inattentive, I’ve got something pretty cool to share: a video interview I did with Haaz Sleiman, the star of the forthcoming movie, “Killing Jesus,” coming out on the Nat Geo Channel on Palm Sunday.

Oh, yeah, and he’s a Muslim, portraying Jesus. But we go way deeper than that: like what it’s like to grow up in the conflict-riddled and occupied nation of Lebanon, surrounded on two sides by Syria and by Jerusalem to the south. He lets us in on what most Muslims really think about Jesus, and how his upbringing and Muslim faith has prepared him so well for portraying the most famous figure in human history.