• Christian Piatt
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    March is my month in which I’ll be studying and practicing those ascetic principles that help reconnect me with my own body, with the rest of creation, and help me connect more deeply with a sense of mysticism and spirituality.

    Consider it like a spiritual workout regimen.

    As for myself, I’ll be taking on the following challenges this month:
    -I’ll be fasting from all solid foods and alcohol.
    -I will inventory my possessions and give half of them away.
    -I will take on a different spiritual practice each week of the month.

    I’ll also be going through the Gospel book of Matthew, and I’ll be reading up on some Christian mystical and ascetic figures and practices.

    Now, I should be clear that I’m not fasting to starve myself, nor am I recommending anyone else do it the way I am. But we can all find our own ways to reconnect with our bodies, as well as dimensions of our spiritual being.

    So what are your spiritual, mystical or ascetic practices? What might you take on during the month of march? What sort of mystical experiences or practices did Jesus undergo, and what are we to learn from them?

    Looking forward to hearing about your experiences as well!

  • Carl N.
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    I began this month with the intention of a major fast, but mid month life and unexpected events overwhelmed me. I narrowed my focus on daily meditation and centering prayer to counter act the overly chaotic activity that had ensued. Listening for inner wisdom and centering myself on the sacred and my innermost values has shepherded me through several difficult decisions. Refocusing my leadership skills on bringing a calm inner wisdom and unity building focus has brought a new energy to my daily work. This all starts with a contemplative practice that centers me on the quiet wisdom that flows from God. Shalom, shalom, shalom…

  • Christian Piatt
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    So…the fast sucked, but it’s over! The spiritual practices suffered a bit, partly because it was hard enough just to manage the fast and my own weird health issues. And I’m still working on giving half my stuff away.

    However, I do need your help with that.

    I have a good friend who has been financially ruined by his Lyme disease. He’s in terrible debt and is trying to pay off hospital bills while barely being able to go back to work.

    So my goal is to take the items I’m giving away (at least ones of value) and sell them, then give him the money to pay off bills. Question is: what’s the best way to sell a ton of personal items, many of which have no relation to each other aside from being mine? Garage sale? Craigslist? Ebay?

    I look forward to your creative ideas.


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