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    • Christian Piatt
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      Let’s set aside beliefs for a moment. Let’s set aside claims, orthodoxy and just talk specific ways in which we, both individually and collectively, following Jesus.

      Not talking so much about tithing or giving to charity.

      Not talking about just taking part in worship.

      But what spiritual practices are you engaging in to deepen your understanding ofr the Jesus Way?

      what are your disciplines of intellectual rigor, discourse, critical thought or self-examination that you participate in?

      What are you engaging, either on a micro- or macro- level, to remake yourself more in the image of Jesus, and to help more closely realize the Kingdom of God, here and now, in our midst?

    • Dana
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      Since Lent just began, I have decided to try to concentrate on 3 things:
      1. actively listening to others, no matter how trivial it may seem to me.
      2. daily Examen prayer, this is something completely new to me.
      3. reading Forgive Us: Confessions of a Compromised Faith.

    • Paul
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      Every day, at some point, I go through a prayer process. Admittedly, it is written on a little card I have and I use it as a guide. It has 6 parts:

      1. Gratitude: Begin by thanking God in a personal dialogue for whatever you are most grateful for today.
      2. Awareness: Revisit the times in the past twenty-four hours when you were and were not the best version of yourself. Talk to God about these situations and what you learned from them.
      3. Significant Moments: Identify something you experienced in the last twenty-four hours and explore what God might be trying to say to you through that event.
      4. Peace: Ask God to forgive you for any wrong you have committed (against yourself, another person or Him) and to fill you with a deep and abiding peace.
      5. Freedom: Speak with God about how He is inviting you to change your life, so that you can experience the freedom to be the best version of yourself.
      6. Others: Lift up to God anyone you feel called to pray for today, asking God to bless and guide them.

    • Jerseygirl, Jesus
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      I suck at anything having to do with discipline. I try, get distracted, and then yell CRAP! or something worse, which only deepens my shame since I am on most days also trying to be more disciplined about not cursing.

      One big thing I am doing to follow Jesus, though, is to seek reconciliation with some leaders who did some crappy stuff, which I then participated in some crappy calling out about, which resulted in much drama. But God is a God of reconciliation and therefore I am called to forgive and seek forgiveness, despite the fact that it makes my eye twitch, that I have lost friends over it, lost my “place” for it.

      I try to pray and sometimes it feels incrediby empty. And then sometimes — wow — it feels freaking amazing. That’s what keeps me coming back.

      I guess I follow Jesus by trying to come out of my self-protection shell. I picture it sort of like Mork’s egg — remember that? Like a little soul-shell I can hide in. It looks sort of like a soccer ball, since in my exterior life I am a soccer mom, complete with the Nissan Rogue (New Jersey’s version of the mini-van) to prove it. When I step out of it, I mentor gang members from Jersey City. My palms sweat a little bit each time I go; and each time I go, they make me a better person. I learn something from them. I learn that ethical dilemmas are relative, sometimes. Meaning that my kids in their nice suburban (if horribly outdated and oh-so-very 90’s) kitchen might struggle over whether to take the 3rd cookie if mom’s not watching. Whereas the kids I mentor might be faced with the question: If I go to the store and a robbery is happening, and dude points a gun at me and says, do it with us or go down, what do I choose?

      That’s what I get for stepping out of my shell. But that’s what Jesus is calling me to, I think. And that’s how I try to follow him.

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