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    • Christian Piatt
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      How interesting that I’m working on another month project, on healing now, while I’m also learning to manage my own newly diagnosed seizures. The old phrase “Physician, heal thyself” rings often in my head.

      I definitely feel like I’m having to focus more on myself this month than I expected, but of course, if I’m not well myself, how do I expect to help anyone else heal?

      I’m excited to have Slim Moon as my mentor this month. Check him out on the mentor page if you don’t know him yet. He’s got a pretty amazing story, from starting a record label and hitting the road with Nirvana back in the day, to landing in seminary to become a Unitarian Universalist minister today.

      Though I’m not as active in the community as a healer these days, I am working with a friend of mine who I’ve mentioned before (I want to keep his identity confidential) to get back off the street where he’s been living, and to get back into recovery, as he nearly died recently from liver failure.

      Come to think of it, maybe working with him and on myself is moire than a month’s work in itself.

      It reminds me of the old parable about a man walking along the beach with tens of thousands of starfish washed up on the shore. He’s slowly picking up one at a time and placing them carefully back in the ocean.

      Another guy comes along, shaking his head. “Look at all of these creatures, all around you,” he says. “how can what you’re doing really matter at all? You can’t save them all.”

      The man turned to him with a starfish in his hand, “it matters to this one,” he says and sets it down in the water.

      How do you experience, or seek, healing in your own life? How do you offer healing to others? What do you think of when you consider Jesus’ invitation/challenge when he says we will do even greater things than he did?

      Looking forward to hearing from my fellow healers.

      Peace and health,

    • Gaby
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      Hi Christian,

      I recently came across your site because I am on a quest to get to know Jesus and I’ve been researching what it means to be a follower of his. I don’t consider myself a Christian because my mind is resistant to the idea that Christ is God, that what he did really atones for my sins, that his existence is necessary at all. But in the face of a growing compassion that I’m feeling, I have been more and more attracted to his teachings and way of life.

      Anyway, I wanted to know how this is going for you. And particularly how this month went for you, because I’ve always considered Jesus’ ability to heal as a magical sort of thing. I just don’t see a regular person being able to bring anyone back from the dead or speak that a person is cured from afar and it being so. For reasons like these, I have difficulty with BELIEVING in Christ’s divinity. But I’m still curious about what you gained from this month.

      If you could share your experience in shifting from a non-believer to a believer, that would be cool too. If you had that experience at all.

      Thanks 🙂

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