What’s This All About?

For the next year, I’m doing a sort of “human experiment” project in which I try to figure out what it really means to follow Jesus in the 21st century western world. I grew up reading scripture, have written several books about Jesus and the Bible, but somehow I’m always left with a sense that there’s more—a lot more—about Jesus and about being a follower than we generally consider.

As part of my effort to approach the year, I’ve decided to break down various dimensions of Jesus, based both on my own reading of the Gospels (and epistles to a lesser degree), as well as the interpretations of scholars, theologians and activists I respect.

I’ve also assembled a group of mentors to help me with each of the identified dimensions of Jesus. I figure that, rather than having a dozen disciples, I could use mentors way more than followers if I have any hope of making this work. So this is it, My Jesus Project. Thanks for joining me on the journey!


Get Involved

This is My Jesus Project, but I want it to be ours. Sign in to this site and become a part of our community. Leave a comment, start a discussion thread, upload a video... let's get to know one another and see what following Jesus looks like in real life, in YOUR life.

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